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About Us

Makkars Marketing Pvt Ltd, is established in 2022 in Delhi -NCR with wide spectrum of articles. Since inception the company has become pioneer in corporate gifting company that provides premium quality gifts to businesses houses and individuals. The company was founded to provide innovative and customised gifting solutions to clients from diverse industries. Makkars Marketing Pvt Ltd has established itself as a reliable and trusted partner for all gifting requirements.

As a wide spectrum of Articles, Makkars Marketing Pvt Ltd, has started production of Electrical Appliances for Industrial and Domestic usages.

Makkars Marketing Pvt Ltd's critical strength is to provide customised solutions. We understand our Customer needs and provide personalised solutions that meet their expectations.

Our team of professionals are committed to work with you that aligns with your business requirements. Our team of experts are always available to answer your queries, provide guidance, and for assistance.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and strive to exceed their expectations with every order.